A Common Thread
May 12 Photo - Landon King, 12, with his Mother Elizabeth King of Sweet E's Baking Co. at the Crystal Beach Makers Market on Mother's Day May 12

A Common Thread

Community. Part of our vision for the Market is to strengthen social cohesion. The sneaky rain and mischievous gusts of wind tried to play havoc with that this week, threatening to unravel the hardiest of vendors, but there’s always an element of camaraderie between them, and this week was no different. They stood true, side by side, and proved once again, we’re there, united, rain or shine.


At just 12 years old, Landon King, son of Elizabeth King of Sweet E’s Baking Co., sewed up a victory with his gentle smile and strength of character, proving once and for all that there is no stronger bond than a mother and her child. Toughing it out the whole chilly day by his Mom’s side, a true Mother’s Day gift, he’s one of the gang now, and will be missed when he’s not there, not least because he was the salesman du jour, helping his Mom sell her baked goodies and gluten free treats.


A stitch in time saved nine for musician and 8 months pregnant Alex Craddock. Although we have a handy deck/stage, it’s open to the weather, and management thought it best to keep the Mother-to-be safe and warm at home. We’re all hoping for better weather this week, a Alex is still keen to pluck the strings of her guitar.


The newest member of our Market community, Shahnaz Kara from Kara’s Kreations of Niagara Falls is a sure winner with her German desserts and home baked bread. With standards such as sourdough rye and multi-seed, amongst others, the favourite was her cheese and chives loaf. A “jack of all trades”, as she calls herself, she also offers intricate macrame earthy style bracelets.


Joining Mike Feagan the knife sharpener from Sherkston in The Repair Cafe this weekend will be Gary Sherk, bicycle repair tech. Part of the team of The Broken Spoke project at Port Colborne High School, Gary and founder Aubrey Foley are excited to introduce this service here in Greater Fort Erie. With the program’s roots in rescuing potential waste bicycles from landfill sites, they are a seamless fit with the part of our vision that is for the reduction of content in the waste stream.


Roxanne Connors with her sewing machine will be a part of The Repair Cafe team as well this week. Stopping just short of spinning straw into gold, Roxanne will help you with mending tears, sewing on patches and buttons, putting the bottoms back in bottomless pockets, and more.


It’s been said that if the ties that bind us together are stronger than the ones that tear us apart, all will be well. The locals are reaching out and interacting with our Market. The community of Crystal beach is being sewn back together again, and the tapestry that we are weaving at the Crystal Beach Makers Market is beautiful. Come see for yourself – Sundays 9-3, 3878 Erie Road.

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