A Wild Day At The Market
Traveling Zooniversity Outreach Program

A Wild Day At The Market

Safari Niagara Zoonivercity’s Melissa and Tom brought some of our favorite friends back to visit again for a informative, educational, close-up animal encounter for all ages.
Including Ollie, the Six Banded Armadillo! He seemed intent on escaping today, but unfortunately armadillos are not very fast.
You may have thwarted me today, Tom...But one day...one day...

Olli, Aries, and Ayo get straight to the point with Pins the Hedgehog. Hedgehog can have as many as 7000 quills and are made from keratin, much like human fingernails.

Devyn is a little hesitant meeting Calvin, the Striped Skunk. Probably because skunks have two well developed scent glands located on each side of the anus. Each contains about 15mm of a thick, oily, yellowish, foul spelling liquid which can be sprayed up to 3 metres (10 feet). However, skunks are not aggressive and only use this weapon as a last resort. 

Robert Johnson (right) is back at the market with variety of succulents, self contain micro ecosystems, and up-cycled fabric crafts, including bags made from old leather jackets, t-shirts made into more interesting one-of-a-kind t-shirts and doggy formal wear.

Guy Cayen returned again this week to perform a variety of covers from the of classic rock/folk songs – especially from the 60’s and 70’s. Our favorite is still Rocket Man.

Customers kept Emily from Little Wooden Moose, our new seamstress, busy all day hemming and fixing a variety of projects including sewing a couple of “Do not pet” patches on to a service dog’s vest.

She also has a variety of hand sewn crafts for sale. 

Viniki Farm and Greenhouse had some delicious and sweet Concord grapes this week. These seedless grapes are great for uses in desserts, ice cream, frozen they are a substitute for ice cubes…or you can just eat them! 

We had our busiest day of the entire season this week!

We’d like to thank our loyal vendors, our regulars and our guests for helping making this one of our most successful markets to date.

Thank you very much!

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