Distinguished Guests
May 19 Photo - Troy Morningstar of Timbers Custom Contracting teaching Jackie Tangness how to use a power saw at the Crystal Beach Makers Market May 19

Distinguished Guests


Top podcaster Nicole Holland stopped by the Market on May 19 for a surprise visit. Our Vendors Sandra Lyons of The Apothecary Shop in Crystal Beach and Sonny Sheehan of SonHealz each got a one-n-one speed workshop with Nicole on how to work with Instagram.


With our shared interest in community conversation, it’s no surprise that Regional Councillor Tom Insinna stopped by again today. One conversation that we’re interested in having at the Market is in relation to the housing crisis we are facing in Fort Erie, and possible solutions for it, specifically the concept of Senior Ladies Living Together. Together with a DIY for Women Workshop being developed, mark August 18 on your calendar.


The Tiny Home Movement is gaining momentum, and although we face a process here in the Town of Fort Erie to allow for them, we are also interested in pursuing what interest our community has for this allowance. Join us on September 8 for that conversation. It’s our Tool Swap day as well, so save the date.


June 9 is our Plant Swap day, from seeds to succulents, and indoor tropicals to garden plants. Hosted by mother of triplets Jenny Dent, visit our webpage for more details on our Event Calendar and how to register for a table.


MPP Wayne Gates also made an appearance, and couldn’t resist the home baking of Shahnaz Kara of Kara’s Kreations. Ooey Chewy Gooey brownies, chocolate oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, garlic cheese bread, sourdough multi-seed bread, the list goes on. Pictures were taken and fun was had by all.


Superstar Troy Morningstar of Timbers Custom Contracting was back at it again this week, combining the Week 2 and Week 3 lessons for the DIY Shed Workshop, as May 12 was rained out. Joining him since Week 1, Jackie Tangness had the chance to try out a power saw for the first time.


Did you know, the Shed, when complete, will house a Tourist Information Booth? That’s right, every Sunday at the Market, Greater Fort Erie will have a Tourism Visitor Information Counsellor assisting the visitors to our community with all their questions about our beautiful town. Join us and our special guests (to be announced), on June 2 for the christening. Singing sensation Anaïs Zen will be there that day. She may be little still, but her power vocals will rock your world! From Broadway to Blues, our local wonder will be singing her heart out for you!


Our Fixpert schedule for May 26 includes Gary Sherk and Aubrey Foley, founder of The Broken Spoke project out of Port Colborne High. Joining us with a program for simple repairs and tune ups for kids bikes, Aubrey wants to make sure everyone knows that this is a cause from the heart, his heart, and there will be no charge for what they can fix at the Market.


JP Beauvais from Maxsym Small Engine Repairs in Fort Erie will be back again, so bring your lawnmower blades if they need sharpening. People are asking if he can still help if they don’t know how to remove the blades from the mower themselves. “Yes for sure we can help you if you can get it (the mower) to the market,” JP says.


So there you go folks, make sure you check our Event Calendar for regular updates to the Fixpert schedule and upcoming conversations, workshops, musical entertainment, children’s activities, and more. www.advancingcrystalbeach.com/market


We are currently interviewing for the position of Tourism Visitor Information Counsellor. Visit our website for more details. www.advancingcrystalbeach.com/

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