Don’t Despair, Repair!
April 28 Mike Feagan of Slasher's Knife Honing with happy customer Janet Montgomery at the Crystal Beach Makers Market. Mike sharpened 49 knives on May 5th

Don’t Despair, Repair!

Got knives? Hatchets, or chisels? Has your favourite plane blade seen too many rodeos? Round ‘em up and bring them down to the Crystal Beach Makers Market Sunday May 5. The Repair Cafe will be hosting Sherkston based Mike Feagan and his belt sander to whip those blades into shape again. No knife too small, no job too big.

“Blades should come labelled with the customer’s name on them, wrapped in a tea towel,” Mike says, “for safety. Some blades may require extra work back at the shop.” He also takes wooden furniture repair commissions. Contact Mike with any questions at

Slasher's Knife Honing

Relaunching our community Market with a Restart Party, our panel of “Fixperts” this week also includes JP Beauvais from Maxsym Small Engine Repair, 51 Dufferin Street, Fort Erie. A busy father, coaching soccer this summer, JP thinks it’s high time to get those lawnmower blades into shape, with grass cuttin’ season right around the corner. Bring in your machines, JP will do the rest. He can also advise you on any small engine repair questions you might have, and will be taking in machines that need repairs to bring back to his shop.

Hosting a 4 week DIY Shed Workshop, open to the public, ace-high Troy Morningstar of Timbers Custom Contracting says he’s “not worried about losing business if he teaches people how to build their own shed.” His expertise goes far beyond building a straightforward shed, and he has faith that demonstrating his workmanship will generate goodwill, and contracts for that next big reno you’re thinking of. This week, he’ll go over the materials list, and build the platform for an 8’x6’ thatch roof shed.

Technology got you down? Robert Sawatzky from NTech Solutions, 227 Bertie Street, will be on hand. Heartily involved in his church community, he’ll be joining us later in the day, so bring your computers/phones/laptops around from 1-3. Any hardware or in depth projects he takes on will go back to the shop with him, but if you’re just plain stumped at how to get those new fangled things to work in general, he’ll be there to guide you.

Techs not available for today’s Restart Party, but who will also be joining us throughout the summer include Chris Pollard of Appliance Answers in Fort Erie advising on small appliance repair, and Roxanne Connors, who is delighted to offer clothes mending services such as fixing tears, applying patches, simple hemming, and sewing on buttons. She’ll also be bringing with her a selection of hand made re-usable shopping bags and other textiles embellished with exquisite custom designed embroidery.

The Repair Cafe is still looking for bicycle repair and costume jewellery repair specialists. And if you think you have the right stuff, and a specialty repair skill we haven’t though of yet, we would love to welcome you to our Fixers Collective. If any of this sounds like you, get in touch.

With foot stompin’ country music by Four Days Off, and quick draw laser tag dueling from Budget Bounce of Welland for The Small Fry Club, this shindig will bring heaps of excitement to Crystal Beach.

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