Market Research and Development

Market Research and Development

I’m going to take you on a tour of the development of an upgraded concept Market for Crystal Beach.

1. A Circular Economy

2. The Broad Concept – In a circle all are equal there is no one in front of you and there is nobody behind you, no one is above you, no one is below you, the circle is sacred because it is designed to create unity. -Lakota Wisdom.

A circular economy addresses the use of resources and incorporating social responsibility into product development.

3. Focusing to Accelerate the Concept – This is achieved by tightening the inner circle of production, i.e. improving time and resource efficiency from use to re-use, improving product integrity and keeping the finished products circling longer, and finally, cascaded use of the biodegradable components. An intentional byproduct of this system is the reduction or ideally elimination of the waste stream, which utilizes less to no infrastructure for disposal.

4. Implementing the Concept Globally – The Makers Movement refers to the people that design and re-engineer these products.

Makers. These innovators proactively design-in product life extension, and customise over the entire product lifecycle.

The Fixers Collective features Fixperts, experts who can fix your stuff. It’s a collaboration for aggressive asset recovery with improvisational fixing and progressive reworking. Fixperts exchange repair information increasing the knowledge base of the community and longevity of the product. Engage, empower and evolve.

5. Local Implementation – Can we do this on a local scale?

6. ACB Logo – Enter Advancing Crystal Beach, our Non-Profit Community organisation, spearheaded by the formidable Orma Bleeks.

7. ENGAGE EMPOWER EVOLVE – Are three words you will find on their website.

Their Mission

To establish and promote community-based initiatives for all residents and tourists of Crystal Beach and surrounding areas.

Their Vision

Is for An inclusive community of connected, empowered and engaged individuals.

The Market ticks all their boxes.

8. Flow Chart – A Circular Economy – The Makers and Fixers Movement – Advancing Crystal Beach – all point towards Crystal Beach Makers Market. A perfect fit.

9. Crystal Beach Makers Market – Where the conversation is.

10. Our Logo – Is opening quotation marks. Our Market is offering an invitation to speak, to have our community’s voice heard.

11. CRYSTAL BEACH MAKERS MARKET – FIXERS AND FOOD – “Crystal Beach Makers Market” is a community resource which reflects the rich heritage of the Crystal Beach community and serves as a source of civic pride for present and future generations. It makes available to The Niagara Region and its numerous visitors a platform for the cultivation of garden/organic producers, food preparation experts, and importers of fair trade food, improving access to raw nourishment and produce, and a progressive forum for Greater Fort Erie’s up and coming innovators, engineers, and designers.

12. CRYSTAL BEACH MAKERS MARKET – Our Market runs every Sunday and any festival/promotional days throughout the season from 9:00am-3:00pm – 24+ days. Our market season is the first Sunday in May – May 5 this year – until and including Thanksgiving Sunday.

It will be divided into 3 sections:

“Makers” 34%

“Fixers” 15%

“Food” 51%

13. The Galler-Re – Shop without guilt – The Galler-Re; upcycled, repurposed, functional.

Featuring Makers, pioneers utilizing and adapting new technologies, and old, to find unique approaches to product design, business models and our lifestyles, utilizing methods to maintain and promote the biosphere’s integrity.

The Galler-Re will germinate an incubator style Makers section that promotes a holistic approach to manufacturing and production, engaging the community’s imagination.

14. The Repair Cafe – Join our dynamic Repair Cafe, learn from our resident Fixperts.

Where groups of individuals, ‘Fixperts’ – expert Fixers- come together to fix or upcycle products, work collaboratively, and partner with a diverse range of people to promote sustainability in a fun and inclusive manner.

The Repair Cafe will empower our community to respect the limits of nature and its resources, ensuring minimal consumption and waste, by spotlighting sustainability.

This is where it gets interesting. We have a rotating panel of Fixperts set to help on-site including for:

Knife/Blade Sharpening

Bike Repair

Computer/Phone Diagnostic

Furniture Repair

Clothes Mending

Jewellery Repair

Small engine/appliance repair

And More!

We are also developing a program with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development through their Apprenticeship programs to also engage in The Repair Cafe.

15. The Kitchen Table – Feed your soul with delicious nutrition from The Kitchen Table.

An epicurean pleasure centre featuring natural farmed delights, fair trade and processed foods, offering the alternative nutritious choice- healthy for the consumer, healthy for Earth, healthy for the growers, harvesters and producers.

The Kitchen Table will emphasize the importance of the combined common good of all living species and biosphere through preservation, protection, restoration and improvement of the natural environment.

16. Grassroots – Grassroots initiatives are networks of organisations that lead innovative bottom-up solutions for sustainable development; solutions that respond to the local situation and the interests and values of the communities involved.

17. The Grassroots Program – Our Grassroots Program fosters synergistic relationships with organisations of similar ethos, highlighting the spirit of cooperation, uniting traders with local Non-Profits and businesses. Collectively, they are encouraged to develop a specialized program for their chosen Grassroots Program day.

18. Grassroots Program Vendor Themes May Include: – Our vendors, their partner Non-Profits and local businesses, representing the wealth of knowledge that Greater Fort Erie has to offer, will be given free reign to create their own dynamic workshops and programs, with full support from our media team.

For example, a “Celebrity Chef” day could unite a food vendor with a local restaurant and a local food bank. The chef from the participating restaurant would use ingredients from the organising vendor(s), all while doing a food drive for the food bank.

Another example could unite a local conservation club, one of our makers that works with wood, and a local shop that produces wood products.

We have many Grassroots Programs in the works, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the event schedule.

19. The Small Fry Club ~ Under 12s – Addresses the lack of children’s engagement on site.

Every 1st Sunday: Bouncy Castles

Every 2nd Sunday: Vendor Workshops

Every 3rd Sunday: Last Chance Horse and Pony Rescue

Every 4th Sunday: Local Children’s Group Performances

Special Guest Appearances by: Safari Niagara, Sparky the Fire Dog, Fluffy the Clown, Last Chance Horse and Pony Rescue, Mad Science

Other activities may include: Hula Hooping, Board Games, Teddy Bear Picnic, Jump Rope, Hopscotch

20. The Next Innovators Club ~ Ages 13 -17 – For this hard to reach age group, we are in program development with Bill Connor, Program Lead of Coop Education at GFESS. As well, there will be direct involvement with the Vendors in creating workshops for them. We have also developed a robust database of students willing to Volunteer on-site. How did we do this? With our extensive Grassroots Programming, they can choose to come to the Market on a day we are promoting something they are interested in!

21. Question Mark

22. Information Booth – The revitalisation of our market, coupled with the transformation of the existing shed from decrepit to world class market stall has created a respectable and irresistible location for a professional Information Booth.

The anticipated increase in traffic is the perfect opportunity to showcase the progression of Greater Fort Erie.

Never before has there been a more relevant location for promoting what GFE has to offer.

We can get serious about accessing our tourists; close to 40,000 of them pass our location every season.

23. Layout of Crystal Beach Makers Market – Placement of the Activities Center on Belfast Road South. Approved 24 day road closure for every Sunday during Market Season from 9:30-2:30.

24. The Re-Launch

25. Restart Party – Join us May 5


Our panel of Fixperts and Restarters will be able to help you with:

Knife Sharpening – Axes and Blades too!

Small Appliance Repair – Toasters, Kettles…

Electronics Diagnosis – Key Fobs, Phones…

Bike Repair – Bicycles that is!

Jewellery Repair – Sentimental Costume Jewellery

Clothes Mending – Buttons, Zippers, Hems

And More!

Don’t despair, repair!

26. Infrastructure Deficits On-Site ~ Solutions – Our aims this year are to develop a financial plan to support and solidify our standing in the community, and to research venue stabilisation. During a vendor meeting in January, despite the on-site deficits identified at that time at the current venue, which is the parking lot at The Crystal Chandelier, thank you Carol, the vendors voted overwhelmingly to remain, for this season, exhibiting fierce loyalty to Carol. Amongst other on-site improvements, we will be refurbishing her shed to act as a European style Market hut for ACB, and are pursuing the expansion of the Market footprint to allow for our Grassroots Program that will enrich all parties involved, including The Crystal Chandelier, the Market and its vendors, and any and all local businesses and Non-Profits that will participate and especially the community of Crystal Beach.

27. European Style Market Hut – The proposed rebuild will be included as part of the Market’s Event Programming as a 4 Week DIY Shed Repair Workshop.

28. Full Circle – “As a circle is without beginning or end.

The same may be said of the eternal spirit of our community

— Feel the pride that is forever

Crystal Beach.”

– Carved in stone at

   Queen’s Circle

The globalisation of production and the recent actual amalgamation and intimation of regional amalgamation of services seems to be taking things out of our hands, and can seem mind boggling. But let’s have faith in the maxim “Everything old is new again”. The Makers Movement? That’s our Moms, always improvising at the last minute. The Fixers Collective? Fancy words to describe the guys in the garage. And so we’ve come full circle, recoginising again the value that our individuals represent to our community. Let’s stand, let’s unite. CRYSTAL BEACH MAKERS MARKET – Where the conversation is.

Thank you.

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