Out With The New, In With The Old
Opening quotation marks, starting a conversation.

Out With The New, In With The Old

No matter which way you look at it, some things need to come full circle. In the days of old, the poor Maytag repairman was just that, poor. With nothing to fix because of excellent design and construction, he was the symbol for much that was good about the story of stuff.

But things got a bit dodgy lately. With planned and built-in obsolescence, the value that we used to place on our resources has diminished. Our throwaway culture has forgotten not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Offshore production has resulted in fracturing towns, sending jobs, and people looking for them, elsewhere.

In the spirit of restoration – our culture, our community and our habitat – we are delighted to be launching a new concept Market in Crystal Beach, May-Thanksgiving, Sundays 9-3, 3878 Erie Road.

Our logo is opening quotation marks, with a conversation reference between them, because we are starting a community conversation, right here, on May 5.

Our “Kitchen Table” invigorates local cultivators, providing access to raw and home-made nourishment.

Our “Galler-Re” highlights local Makers that promote sustainability, from product and lifestyle conception, through to production.

And our feature attraction – “The Repair Cafe” – is a platform for a revolving panel of local “Fixperts” – expert Fixers – that will be on hand every Sunday for things like small engine/appliance repair, jewellery repair, computer/phone diagnostics, knife sharpening, clothes mending, bicycle repair, and more!

The global movement of “The Fixers Collective” is intended to re-start an age old conversation. It’s intention is to reduce/eliminate the waste stream by recreating a culture that values our resources, and increases a community’s knowledge and communication through the exchange of repair information, tips, tricks and sources.

The “Makers Movement” is made up of innovators and engineers motivated by fun and self-fulfillment, emphasizing learning-through-doing (active learning) in a social, local environment. Designers that customise for, and design-in, product life extension.

Strong support from the Town of Fort Erie and an unprecedented 24 day road closure allowance for Belfast Road South (every Market day), for our new Activities Center location has allowed us to develop “The Small Fry Club”. We’ve booked Safari Niagara, Last Chance Horse and Pony Rescue, Mad Science, and Fire Prevention Sparky and the Teddy Bear Picnic so far. Vendor workshops in progress for the Activities Center are: Message in a Bottle Miniatures, Tie Dye For, Sowing and Growing, Cake Pop Partay, Fairy Gardens, and Krazy Kites. More to come.

For the hard to reach demographic of 13-17 year olds, “The Next Innovators Club” is in progress. We are in program development with Bill Connor, Program Lead of Co-op Education at GFESS, to present up to 3 community project workshops. Recently, we attended the GFESS job fair, and developed a robust list of students that were very receptive to attending the Market in a volunteer capacity. Vendor workshops will round out the program – stay tuned.

Additionally, with permission from Carol MacKay, owner of Crystal Chandelier Cafe, Etc., we will be using her west deck as the Entertainment Area, featuring performers every week, with a 200 square foot shaded seating area in front of this “stage”.

Plans are in the works to include a tourist Information Booth, launching June 2. To that end, we are hosting a DIY Shed Workshop May 12 and May 19, 9-3. As well as the Information Booth, this will be the swish new home for Advancing Crystal Beach HQ on Market days.

Our dynamic Market will be uniting our vendors with local businesses and non-profits to establish a Grassroots program. Keep an eye on our Event Calendar for exciting food festivities, DIY workshops, and exhibitions.

Conceived, developed, and implemented by Advancing Crystal Beach. Our motto: Engage Empower Evolve. Our Mission is to establish and promote community-based initiatives for all residents and tourists of Crystal Beach and surrounding areas. Our vision is for an inclusive community of connected, empowered and engaged individuals. Crystal Beach Makers Market ticks all these boxes, and more.

The globalisation of production and the recent actual amalgamation and intimation of regional amalgamation of services seems to be taking things out of our hands, and can seem mind boggling. But let’s have faith in the maxim “Everything old is new again”. The Makers Movement? That’s our Moms (and Dads), always improvising at the last minute. The Fixers Collective? Fancy words to describe the guys (and gals) in the garage. And so we’ve come full circle, recognising again the value that our individuals represent to our community.


Where the conversation is.

Advancing Crystal Beach is looking for Fixers, Makers, Food Vendors, and Entertainers, as well as a Volunteer Co-ordinator, and volunteers for the Market. If you’re interested, get in touch: market@advancingcrystalbeach.com

Keep up to date with everything we’ve got going on: advancingcrystalbeach.com/market, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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