Wave Hello To Some New Friends
Tiana and Madison releasing a captive raised monarch into the wild.

Wave Hello To Some New Friends

This week the market was happy to have some brand new vendors visit, Tiana and Madison from Crescent Beach Sea Glass. These clever beachcombers collect sea glass, broken bottles and glass worn smooth by years of waves into beautiful frosty gems, from Crescent Beach and turn them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. They also donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to the Dream Center, the new community center.

Gary Sherk from the Broken Spoke brought by some guests this week, two monarch butterflies raised from eggs rescued by Patty Moss from roadside habitats due be mowed by the town. Hundreds of butterflies are hatched, raised, tagged and released by Patty and her friends every year to make the long journey south to spend the winter in Mexico.

Tiana and Madison release a captive raised monarch back into the wild. This female will travel about 4,800 km south to migrate; it can take up to two months to complete her journey.

Kara Kreations is back! If you’ve been craving her homemade breads and desserts (and we know you have because you won’t stop asking about them) as well as a variety of handmade macrame creations now’s your chance to get them again.

We also had lilting tones and entertaining jokes of Three for All, Rosemary and Rhonda. For booking inquiries contact Rhonda at 905-933-8477.

Tomato season is in full swing at Viniki Farm and Greenhouse.

Next week Safari Niagara is back again bringing our favorite animal friends back to visit for a free one hour live show followed by an interactive question and answer display. All donations go to Advancing Crystal Beach, a non-profit community organization.

Our new Fixer Emily starts next week! She’s a seamstress so torn seams, long hems and lost buttons are no challenge to her! Remember bring all the clothing you need fixing next week!

It will be the last week to buy tickets for the Care for Cancer, a fundraiser for supporting a local resident pay for surgery to remove her breast implant from a breast cancer diagnosis in 2011.

The prizes are a painting by local artist Margaret Feaver and a handmade multi stained cutting board donated by John from Double “Eh” Wood Creations.

Tickets are $5 and the draw will take place on August 25th.

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