Brochure Map of Crystal Beach - Makers Market Presented by Advancing Crystal Beach and Local Businesses



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CRYSTAL BEACH CYCLING.  Colourful bicycles and signs were installed just off the Friendship Recreation Trail in an effort to attract more cyclists off the Trail and into Crystal Beach to see our village and what it has to offer.  There are two bicycles on Gorham Road just south of the Trail and one at Point Abino Road beside the Trail.  Six local businesses declared themselves bike-friendly with decals in their windows so cyclists could access their facilities.  We partnered with Ontario By Bike, and The Fort Erie Active Transportation Committee.  The latter supplied bike kits to the businesses.  We also partnered with Broken Spoke (Aubrey Foley) at the Port Colborne HS to access several bicycles for new immigrants at Matthew House and about 22 children in Crystal Beach.


CRYSTAL BEACH LOCAL FOOD PROJECT.  An Advancing Crystal Beach community development initiative designed to bring local, affordable, accessible, fresh fruits and vegetables to the tables of the community.  It is located on Sexsmith Farm on Dominion Road.

Update:  Residents found the travel distance from Crystal Beach to the farm too difficult to access regularly. Thus, the Committee decided to create a Farmer’s Market in Crystal Beach next year.   Residents were also encouraged, with assistance,  to grow small garden plots on their own property in Crystal Beach.